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Be prepared to be a shotaholic, and never be scared to addict to it.


aPail Shot is an itty-bitty version
of all classic bags

aPaddy | Pint | Bucket Bag in Pint

One pint might not enough,
be prepared to order more!

Pint is a new compact size that perfectly matches all of your styles.
Your outfit will be no more cliche with our signature pleats on top
and a new solid base. Let our “Pint” do the talking for you the entire day
from your workplace to a romantic dinner date

For Everyday Joy!

aPail | Pint | Bucket Bag

This is a bucket bag that can draw everyone’s attention to you.
Whether you wear it cross your body or carry it on one shoulder,
it will definitely complete your look.
Don’t forget to bring it to a bar for one pint of beer, Cheers!

aPail Pint has round bottom and pleats
on top. Coming with an adjustable
shoulder strap and lined interior
in light grey with 2 pockets.
Also, a hook strap at the closure can be adjusted into 2 lengths.
It comes in multiple colors.